Newfoundland Used Equipment Sell-Off


Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
130712011ALLMANDLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELNLPRO4000W11,006YesCorner Brook $3,850 CAD
130732011ALLMANDLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELNLPRO4000W5,877YesSt Johns $3,950 CAD
145792012WACKERLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELLTN6K6,383YesCorner Brook $4,250 CAD
145842012WACKERLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELLTN6K5,221YesCome By Chance $5,990 CAD
145862012WACKERLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELLTN6K3,603YesCorner Brook $4,450 CAD
147622012WACKERLIGHT,TOWER 30FT DIESELLTN6K4,747YesCome By Chance $4,270 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.