Ontario Used Equipment Sell-Off


Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
204861999SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626467YesHamilton $3,900 CAD
217482000SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626662YesGloucester $4,900 CAD
217512000SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626710YesBrampton $4,900 CAD
268582001SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626606NoWindsor $4,900 CAD
290802002SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT4626400YesBrampton $4,900 CAD
291382002SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT4626415NoGloucester $4,900 CAD
291392002SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFT4626378NoGloucester $4,900 CAD
352542003SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71272,480NoBrampton $18,000 CAD
352562004SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71272,621NoBrampton $18,000 CAD
352592004SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71272,966NoHamilton $18,000 CAD
379702005SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626288NoMilton $7,100 CAD
379732005SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626322NoBrampton $7,100 CAD
379772004SKYJACK26' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-4626481NoGloucester $6,900 CAD
379812004SKYJACK32' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ111-4632613YesBrampton $8,900 CAD
379822004SKYJACK32' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ111-4632504NoKingston $8,900 CAD
379842005SKYJACK32' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ111-4632480YesKingston $8,900 CAD
379852004SKYJACK32' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ111-4632565YesBrampton $8,900 CAD
379872005SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71272,968YesGloucester $18,000 CAD
379912005SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71272,191NoLondon $18,000 CAD
379922005SKYJACK27' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ71271,464NoSarnia $18,000 CAD
379972005SKYJACK41' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ800-88411,705NoBracebridge $21,000 CAD
379982005SKYJACK41' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,174YesHamilton $21,000 CAD
379992005SKYJACK41' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ800-88411,808NoBelleville $21,000 CAD
380002005SKYJACK41' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,706YesGloucester $21,000 CAD
380012005SKYJACK41' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,439NoHamilton $21,000 CAD
380582005GENIE45' 4X4 ARTICULATING MAN LIFTZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,965NoCambridge $21,000 CAD
380602005GENIE4X4 ARTICULATING MAN LIFTZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,672NoBracebridge $21,000 CAD
381092005GENIE25' ELECTRIC MAN LIFTAWP-25S DCYesSudbury $2,000 CAD
398882005GENIE4X4 ARTICULATING MAN LIFTZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,639NoSarnia $22,000 CAD
398892005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,827NoBrampton $22,000 CAD
398922005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD3,652NoBrampton $22,000 CAD
398932005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,259YesBradford $22,000 CAD
398942005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,500NoBrampton $22,000 CAD
398982005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD3,938NoWaterloo $22,000 CAD
398992005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,994YesBarrie $22,000 CAD
399002005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,587NoBrampton $22,000 CAD
399022005GENIE45' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT 4X4 DUAL FUELZ45/25 RT 4 WD4,866NoHamilton $22,000 CAD
399082005GENIE34' ELECTRIC ARTICULATING MAN LIFTZ34/22N713YesWoodstock $17,900 CAD
399182005GENIE60' ARTICULATING MAN LIFT DUAL FUELZ60/34 DF4,217YesBrampton $39,000 CAD
429072006GENIE60' MAN LIFT STICK BOOMS-605,806YesAjax $41,000 CAD
429222006SKYJACK20' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTSJ3-3220432NoNapanee $4,900 CAD
429252006SKYJACK31' 4WD SCISSOR LIFT, DUAL FUELSJ-88312,339NoTrenton $19,500 CAD
453422006GENIE19' ELECTRIC SCISSOR LIFTGS1930350NoCambridge $4,500 CAD
528332008GENIE60' MAN LIFT STICK BOOMS-60 4X4 DIESEL6,002NoBracebridge $46,000 CAD
K43481997GENIE (Yr 1998)25' ELECTRIC MAN LIFTZ20/8509YesOttawa $5,000 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.