Ontario Used Equipment Sell-Off


Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
204861999SKYJACK25' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626467NoBracebridge Call for Price
217482000SKYJACK25' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626660YesOttawa Call for Price
217512000SKYJACK25' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626710YesBrampton Call for Price
217552000SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,774NoBelleville Call for Price
268582001SKYJACK25' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626601NoLondon Call for Price
268882000SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,506NoBrampton Call for Price
289411995SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-6832568NoSarnia Call for Price
289872002SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-4832466YesBrampton Call for Price
290802002SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DC4626400YesBrampton Call for Price
291382002SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DC4626412NoOttawa Call for Price
291392002SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DC4626378NoGloucester Call for Price
352542003SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71272,463NoBrampton Call for Price
352562004SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71272,590NoBrampton Call for Price
352592004SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71272,966NoHamilton Call for Price
379702005SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626283YesBarrie Call for Price
379732005SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626320YesHamilton Call for Price
379772004SKYJACK26' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ3-4626461NoOttawa Call for Price
379812004SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-4632606NoBradford Call for Price
379822004SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-4632499NoKingston Call for Price
379842005SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-4632475YesBradford Call for Price
379852004SKYJACK32' SCISSOR LIFT, DCSJ111-4632557NoBradford Call for Price
379872005SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71272,918NoGloucester Call for Price
379912005SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71272,100NoLondon Call for Price
379922005SKYJACK27' SCISSOR LIFT, 4WD, DUAL FUELSJ71271,464NoSarnia Call for Price
379972005SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88411,585NoWindsor Call for Price
379982005SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,153NoBurlington Call for Price
379992005SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88411,773NoCobourg Call for Price
380002005SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,706YesGloucester Call for Price
380012005SKYJACK41' SCISSOR LIFT, ROUGH TERRAIN, DUAL FUELSJ800-88412,443YesHamilton Call for Price
399042005GENIE34' ARTICULATING BOOM, DC, NARROWZ34/22N899NoWaterloo Call for Price
399082005GENIE34' ARTICULATING BOOM, DC, NARROWZ34/22N696NoBarrie Call for Price
399112005GENIE34' ARTICULATING BOOM, DC, NARROWZ34/22N864NoToronto Call for Price
K43481997GENIE (Yr 1998)20' ARTICULATING BOOM, DC, NARROWZ20/8495NoGloucester Call for Price
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.