Ontario Used Equipment Sell-Off


Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
Stock#Model YRMakeDescriptionModelHoursAvailableLocationPrice
573122010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,709YesNorth Bay $27,000 CAD
577722010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,846YesPeterborough $28,000 CAD
600692011CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,916YesPeterborough $18,000 CAD
602312010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,268YesBurlington $28,000 CAD
604162011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,468YesKingston $29,000 CAD
606992011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,103YesOttawa $30,000 CAD
607002010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,194YesCambridge $30,000 CAD
607012010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C1,568YesNorth Bay $28,000 CAD
607762011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C1,809YesCambridge $28,000 CAD
607772011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,488YesGloucester $28,000 CAD
640902012CAT305.5D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5D CR3,850YesBelleville $45,000 CAD
640932012CAT305.5D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5D CR3,422YesBrampton $45,000 CAD
641352012CAT300.9D MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR300.9D968NoOttawa $15,000 CAD
643222012CAT305.5D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5D CR3,297NoHamilton $47,000 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.