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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
356027012007GENIE29' ELECTRIC SINGLE MAN LIFTAWP-30SYesWinnipeg $2,800 CAD
356610022010GENIE19' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS-1930227YesWinnipeg $5,500 CAD
356610032010GENIE19' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS-1930311YesBrandon $5,500 CAD
356610042010GENIE19' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS-1930319NoWinnipeg $5,500 CAD
356610052010GENIE19' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS-1930311NoWinnipeg $5,500 CAD
356828022008GENIE26' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS2646402YesWinnipeg $8,500 CAD
356828042008GENIE26' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS2646296YesWinnipeg $8,500 CAD
356929042009GENIE32' ELECTRIC SCISSORLIFTGS3232218YesWinnipeg $13,000 CAD
357728012008GENIE43' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS-4390 RT2,077YesWinnipeg $17,000 CAD
357728022008GENIE43' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS-4390 RT2,116YesWinnipeg $17,000 CAD
357728032008GENIE43' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS4390RT2,154YesWinnipeg $17,000 CAD
357827012007GENIE32' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS3268RT3,048NoWinnipeg $13,000 CAD
358226012002GENIE YEAR 200253' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS5390RT2,686YesWinnipeg $10,900 CAD
358227012007GENIE53' ROUGH TERRAIN SCISSORLIFTGS5390 RT1,661YesWinnipeg $23,000 CAD
368028022008GENIE45' ARTICULATING MANLIFT 4X4Z45/25J RT4,456NoWinnipeg $24,000 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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