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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
121112010WACKERGENERATOR,INVERTER GAS 3800WGPi3200YesSt Johns $436 CAD
133852011WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 3800WATTGP3800AYesGander $600 CAD
135062011WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 2500WATTGP2500AYesSt Johns $418 CAD
139062012WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 5600WATTGP5600AYesCome By Chance $559 CAD
143312010WACKERGENERATOR,DIESEL 096KW TRL WACG12013,928YesGander $9,850 CAD
146872012WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 3800WATTGP3800AYesGander $599 CAD
148252012WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 5600WATTGP5600AYesGander $699 CAD
158982013WACKERGENERATOR,INVERTER GAS 3200WGPi3200YesCorner Brook $748 CAD
163772014WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 6600WATT0620986YesCorner Brook $1,050 CAD
173132014WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 5600WATTGP5600AKYesGoose Bay $899 CAD
178012014WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 5600WATTGP5600AKYesGoose Bay $899 CAD
188962015WACKERGENERATOR,GAS 2500WATTGP2500AYesGoose Bay $300 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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