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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
129362011GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 086WH DIESELZ8060J4WDRT2,434NoSt Johns $54,500 CAD
129572011GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 086WH DIESELZ80603,259YesSt Johns $53,500 CAD
130322011GENIELIFT,MAN SRT BOOM 131WH DIESELS1254WD2,782NoSt Johns $69,900 CAD
130362011GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 086WH DIESELZ8060J4WDRT2,860NoCome By Chance $54,500 CAD
130512011GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 086WH DIESELZ8060J4WDRT2,857YesSt Johns $49,900 CAD
138332012GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 051WH DIESELZ4525JRT4WD2,633YesCome By Chance $33,100 CAD
138892012GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 066WH DIESELZ6034J4WDRT2,567YesSt Johns $49,400 CAD
139022012GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 066WH DIESELZ6034J4WDRT2,110NoGander $49,900 CAD
140812012GENIELIFT,SCISSOR ELEC 26'WHGS2032DC185NoGander $8,490 CAD
143022012GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 066WH DIESELZ6034J4WDRT2,301NoCorner Brook $52,700 CAD
666052013GENIELIFT,MAN ART BOOM 066WH DIESELZ60/34 DIESEL2,318NoCorner Brook $54,500 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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