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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
Stock#Model YRMakeDescriptionModelHoursAvailableLocationPrice
169662014WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545HYesSt Johns $4,995 CAD
174772014WACHERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545HNoSt Johns $5,995 CAD
177522014WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545HNoCorner Brook $5,995 CAD
186332015WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU4545H4YesCome By Chance $5,930 CAD
188862015WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545HYesCorner Brook $6,850 CAD
188942015WACKERTAMPER,GAS PLT W/WR 95KG 585MMWP1550AWNoCorner Brook $1,399 CAD
189592015WACKERTAMPER,GAS PLT W/WR 95KG 585MMWP1550AWYesCorner Brook $1,445 CAD
201772016TOROTAMPER,GAS PLT FWD 064KG 330MMFP2200YesGander $995 CAD
202902016TOROTAMPER,GAS PLT W/WR TOROFP3000YesGoose Bay $1,195 CAD
203552016TOROTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 350KG 609MMRP1200DYesGoose Bay $7,500 CAD
204362016WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545H70YesCorner Brook $8,325 CAD
206972016WACKERTAMPER,DSL PLT REV 410KG 610MMDPU5545H286YesSt Johns $8,530 CAD
214052017TOROTAMPER,GAS PLT FWD 064KG 330MMFP2200YesGoose Bay $1,250 CAD
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