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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
Stock#Model YRMakeDescriptionModelHoursAvailableLocationPrice
593132011CAT216B3 SKIDSTEER LOADER216B3 MA92,244NoAjax $21,000 CAD
595632010CAT262C SKIDSTEER LOADER262C MA162,865NoHamilton $29,000 CAD
595642010CAT262C SKIDSTEER LOADER XPS HIGH FLOW262C MA113,673YesOttawa $29,000 CAD
596802010CAT262C SKIDSTEER LOADER XPS HIGH FLOW262C MA113,061YesKingston $39,000 CAD
597052010CAT262C SKIDSTEER LOADER262C MA163,336NoBrampton $29,000 CAD
640542012CAT246C SKIDSTEER LOADER246C DCA43,269NoHamilton $31,000 CAD
640682012CAT246C SKIDSTEER LOADER246C DCA23,308YesConcord $31,000 CAD
640922012CAT246C SKIDSTEER LOADER XPS HIGH FLOW246C DCA33,222NoBrampton $35,000 CAD
643132011CAT262C SKIDSTEER LOADER262C DCA33,854YesBradford $29,000 CAD
649902012CAT262C2 SKIDSTEER LOADER262C2 DCA33,764YesSudbury $29,000 CAD
649942012CAT246C SKIDSTEER LOADER246C DCA23,356NoSault Ste Marie $31,000 CAD
733162014CAT262D SKIDSTEER LOADER262D DCA23,408YesConcord $41,000 CAD
770852014CAT246D SKIDSTEER LOADER246DLRC DCA23,882NoHamilton $38,000 CAD
773932015CAT262D SKIDSTEER LOADER262DLRCDCA24,138NoBurlington $46,000 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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