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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
Stock#Model YRMakeDescriptionModelHoursAvailableLocationPrice
603972010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,031YesCambridge $23,000 CAD
604162011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C4,491NoHamilton $19,000 CAD
606992011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,227YesOttawa $25,500 CAD
607002010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,279YesHamilton $25,500 CAD
607012010CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C1,792YesSudbury $25,500 CAD
607762011CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,698YesWaterloo $28,000 CAD
640672012CAT304D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR304D CR3,009NoBrantford $37,000 CAD
640932011CAT305.5D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5D CR3,808Yes $41,000 CAD
641162011CAT304D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR304D CR3,833NoCambridge $35,000 CAD
641492012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,786YesWindsor $16,500 CAD
641522012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,610NoBrampton $16,500 CAD
641542012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,594YesHamilton $16,500 CAD
641572012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,525YesWaterloo $16,500 CAD
641582012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,676NoHamilton $16,500 CAD
641592012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,860YesKingston $16,500 CAD
641602012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,566NoHamilton $16,500 CAD
643222012CAT305.5D CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5D CR3,626NoBrampton $41,000 CAD
644102012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C5,891Yes $27,000 CAD
644122012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C1,703YesBrampton $27,000 CAD
644132012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C124YesAjax $27,000 CAD
644142012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,296Yes $27,000 CAD
644792012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,523YesTimmins $27,000 CAD
645792012CAT302.5C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR302.5C2,321NoNapanee $27,000 CAD
672202012CAT305.5E CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5E CR DCA23,619NoBradford $44,000 CAD
672562012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,416NoLondon $18,500 CAD
672782012CAT305.5E CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5E CR DCA23,451NoNapanee $44,000 CAD
673132012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,242NoWindsor $18,500 CAD
673142012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C743NoBarrie $18,500 CAD
673152012CAT305.5E CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR305.5E CR DCA23,876NoCambridge $44,000 CAD
674702012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,312YesWindsor $18,500 CAD
674712012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,404YesHamilton $18,500 CAD
674722012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,305YesOttawa $18,500 CAD
674732012CAT301.8C MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR301.8C1,063YesOttawa $19,500 CAD
676692012CAT304E CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR304E CR3,521NoGormley $39,000 CAD
679922013CAT300.9D MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR300.9D786YesBrampton $13,500 CAD
682482012CAT304E CR MINI HYDRAULIC EXCAVATOR304E CR2,854YesHamilton $39,000 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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