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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
Stock#Model YRMakeDescriptionModelHoursAvailableLocationPrice
140111998BOMAGBW85T 34" TRENCH ROLLERBW85T6YesTimmins $3,800 CAD
147031998BOMAGBW65S WALK BEHIND ROLLERBW65SYesKingston $2,500 CAD
214272000BOMAGBW75S WALK BEHIND ROLLERBW75SYesCobourg $3,900 CAD
220182000BOMAGBW65S WALK BEHIND ROLLERBW65SYesHamilton $2,900 CAD
341122003WACKERRT820 32" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT8201,031YesSault Ste Marie $5,900 CAD
341132003WACKERRT820 32" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT820929YesHamilton $5,900 CAD
341142003WACKERRT820 32" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT8201,887YesHamilton $5,900 CAD
341162003WACKERRT820 32" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT8202,591NoWaterloo $5,900 CAD
341172003WACKERRT820 32" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT8203,933NoWaterloo $5,900 CAD
341182003WACKERRT560 22" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT560103YesTimmins $5,500 CAD
341202003WACKERRT560 22" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT5601,232NoBrampton $5,500 CAD
341212003WACKERRT560 22" REMOTE TRENCH ROLLERRT5601,017YesBrampton $5,500 CAD
451852006CAT56" RIDE ON SMOOTH DRUM ROLLERCS323C3,689NoAjax $39,000 CAD
460332006CAT56" RIDE ON SMOOTH DRUM ROLLERCS323C3,569YesLondon $39,000 CAD
475382006CATCB224E 3 TON ASPHALT ROLLERCB224E3,369Yes $19,000 CAD
478202007CATCB224E 3 TON ASPHALT ROLLERCB224E3,892YesNorth Bay $19,000 CAD
513732008CORNIVER48" RIDE ON PADFOOT ROLLERCT48P1,217Yes $21,000 CAD
513762008CORNIVER48" RIDE ON SMOOTH DRUM ROLLERCT48S1,755NoGormley $25,000 CAD
513772008CORNIVER48" RIDE ON SMOOTH DRUM ROLLERCT48S1,589YesBrampton $25,000 CAD
513782008CORNIVER48" RIDE ON SMOOTH DRUM ROLLERCT48S1,459NoHamilton $25,000 CAD
688072013CATCC24 3 TON COMBI ASPHALT ROLLERCC241,535Yes $38,750 CAD
PR14032000BOMAGBW75S WALK BEHIND ROLLERBW75SYesBracebridge $1,800 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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