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Available Yes = Available and ready in our yard. No = Currently on rent, on contract or being serviced.
182531999ALLEN48" POWER TROWEL032039YesOttawa $800 CAD
210332000TARGET26" PROPANE POWERED FLOOR SAWC802101,133No $1,800 CAD
211322000TARGET26" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAWC80158372No $2,900 CAD
357712004TARGET18" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAWEC 11 20HYesLondon $1,500 CAD
359012004TARGET18" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAWEC 11 20HYesBrampton $1,500 CAD
393582005TARGET18" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAWP.A.C IV,C10067YesBurlington $750 CAD
440852006TARGET18" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAWC10067YesWindsor $750 CAD
441842006BARTELL48" POWER TROWELB446NoToronto $950 CAD
488502007TARGET18" GAS POWERED FLOOR SAW965192602YesAjax $750 CAD
490742007BARTELL48" POWER TROWELB446NoPeterborough $975 CAD
522522008BARTELL36" POWER TROWELB436YesSault Ste Marie $750 CAD
567872010BARTELL36" POWER TROWELB436NoToronto $800 CAD
567892010BARTELL36" POWER TROWELB436YesPeterborough $800 CAD
567952010BARTELL36" POWER TROWELB436YesBradford $800 CAD
590262011BARTELL36" POWER TROWELB436NoGormley $1,200 CAD
662442013KUBOTAKUBOTA RTV1100 UTILITY CARTRTV1140P-H2,611YesHamilton $7,900 CAD
686722013KUBOTAKUBOTA RTV1100 UTILITY CARTRTV1140P-H2,012NoLondon $9,900 CAD
686752013KUBOTAKUBOTA RTV1100 UTILITY CARTRTV1140P-H1,317NoOttawa $9,900 CAD
SR06712007TREMIX36" POWER TROWELG903BYesConcord $400 CAD
SR22712007WACKER36" POWER TROWELCT36-5AYesTimmins $400 CAD
Applicable taxes are not included. Pricing, machine hours and availability are subject to change.
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